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  • VSkyCube, unlocks the full potential of infrastructure hyperconvergence

    • Provides an extremely economical infrastructure to run virtual machine-based applications
    • Effortlessly scales out as demand for either or both compute and storage capacity surge
    • All compute, storage, and network resources in the cluster are virtualized as a resource pool for you to quickly deploy, adapt, and manage
    • VSkyMotion enables VSkyCube as a DR site for either physical Window primary site or VMware vSphere primary site operations
    • Hadoop based platform software for Big Data analytics



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  • VSky solutions bring security and IT together to meet the needs of modern businesses

    • Supports all your security applications including management, data collection as well as analysis on a single platform
    • VSkyStor helps bridge the gap between legacy equipment and IP based security solutions
    • Brings IT best practices such as high availability and fault tolerance to your entire security solution
    • Scales effortlessly to multiple petabytes to meet retention regulations or for system expansion
    • VSkyPoint enhances mobility and security by allowing application access anytime, anywhere
    • Converges IT and security infrastructure, reducing operational and procurement costs

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  • VSkyStor, Simplify Your Storage and Protect Your Big Data on the VSkyCube Hyperconverged System

    • Access protocols include NFS, CIFS/SMB, and FTP
    • Data protection methods come from using RAID, RAIN, or a combination of the two
    • Deploy with ultimate flexibility and expand with scale-out capability
    • Tiering is one way to improve performance without upgrading all the storage drives
    • Thin-provisioning uses less space by not actually allocating storage until such time as it is needed
    • High availability and fault tolerance design with self-detect and self-healing for various errors



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