Get Over $100,000 Worth of Free Enterprise Software Package

Get Valued at Over $100,000 Worth of Free Enterprise Software Package to Beef Up Your IT Infrastructure

Promise Technology is excited to introduce a limited time offer for its customers to get valued at over $100,000 worth of free enterprise software package to beef up IT Infrastructure, as well we deploy new cloud applications.

Promise hyperconverged system VSkyCube is a next generation IT infrastructure solution with advanced virtualization technologies. VSkyCube delivers a flexible, scalable, and very cost effective solution for all sized of companies, especially those small and medium enterprise and for ROBO (Remote Office and Branch Office) with limited IT budget and IT staff.

Beside VSkyCube as an infrastructure appliance, VSky product line includes other cloud platform and application software. With this special offer, customers can take advantage of those powerful features delivered by this software free of charge before July 01, 2017.

  • VSkyStor: NAS head software delivering scale-out, software-defined cloud storage
  • VSkyBox: An enterprise version of Dropbox-like file share & sync software to mobilize and share your business data securely
  • VSkyMotion: A workload migration and protection facility that allows you to mobilize and protect your applications in a hybrid cloud style
  • VSkyPoint: Enterprise grade desktop virtualization software

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VSky Hyperconvergence Infrastructure Product Line Diagram VSkyCube Overview



With this offer you’ll be able to use VSkyStor, VSkyBox, VSkyMotion, and VSkyPoint free of charge for one year. After one year, you can purchase a yearly (or a 3-year) maintenance plan to continue this valuable service and upgrade.


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