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More Thunderbolt speed results
Source: Macworld
Thunderbolt is quite fast, as our lab has experienced first hand. In our ongoing look at Thunderbolt performance, we tested two more configurations, as requested by Macworld readers. The first involves the new Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt array configured as a RAID 0; the second is with Target Disk Mode using Thunderbolt...
Thunderbolt RAID dramatically faster than FireWire 800
Source: Macworld
The wait for Thunderbolt-ready peripherals is over. Four months after the debut of Thunderbolt in Apple’s revamped MacBook Pro lineup, storage devices that support Intel’s new interconnect technology have finally arrived. And while these initial products carry a notable price tag, Macworld Lab’s first tests show Thunderbolt offering a great leap forward in terms of performance...
TMUP 241: Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt Hard Drive Review – Zoom Zoom Zoom
Source: Typical Mac User
Today I review the only Thunderbolt hard drive available today. This is an in-depth review of the Promise Pegasus R6 Raid hard drive. Enjoy...
Promise Pegasus R6 & Mac Thunderbolt Review
Source: Anandtech
One by one the barriers to mobile computing have been falling. In the early days you could move to a notebook but you'd give up a lot of CPU, GPU and I/O performance. SSDs really fixed the storage performance issue (2.5" hard drives are horrendously slow compared to their 3.5" counterparts), power gating and turbo boost helped address the CPU problem and I wouldn't be too surprised to see companies have another go at external GPU solutions for those who need the added graphics horsepower...
Lab Rats - Pegasus Review
Source: Lab Rats
Thunderbolt is an interface for connecting devices with. While the most obvious example might be a hard drive, the technology does allow for more variety. For instance, the spec requires HDMI video pass-through, meaning a display with a Thunderbolt port can receive video...
Promise Technology Brings forth Pegasus R6 to Bring the Thunderbolts. All 12 Terabytes of them!
Source: Digital Reviews Network
I still remember purchasing my first computer in the mid 1990s with its massive 400MB hard disk drive. Some fifteen years on, the Pegasus R6 provides home users with 12 Terabytes of directly attached RAID storage. And the amazing part is that the actual storage space isn't the R6's biggest draw! Utilizing Intel's Thunderbolt technology...
Pegasus R6 review on Digital Life
Source: Digital Life
The first Thunderbolt storgae solution available here are the Promise Pegasus R4, with four hard drive bays, and the R6 with six 1TB hard drive bays.
Check out CNET’s Review of the Pegasus R6
Source: CNET
The Thunderbolt-enabled Promise Pegasus R6 offers superb throughput speed and a large amount of storage, and supports multiple RAID configurations. You can also daisy-chain the drive with up to five other Thunderbolt devices without decreasing the throughput.
PCPro Promise SmartStor NS6700 review
Source: PCPro
With this muddle sorted, the NS6700 promptly delivered performance far in excess of its SmartStor predecessors. Copies of a 2.52GB video clip to and from a dual-Xeon X5560 Broadberry rack server running Windows Server 2008 R2 saw read and write speeds of 86MB/sec and 78MB/sec.
PCPro Enterprise Review - PROMISE VessRAID 1840
Source: PCPro
A high-capacity unified network solution that's fast for IP and FC SAN operations, and very good value.
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