Product Review
Promise Pegasus J4: 4-bay, 2.5-inch Thunderbolt storage
Source: Hardware.Info
Four 2.5-inch disks connected via Thunderbolt, it's definitely an interesting prospect. This way you have an extremely fast combination of disks with lots of storage capacity in a fairly compact package.
The Promise Pegasus R4 Thunderbolt RAID user review
Source: Andrew Gormley,
Without hyperbole, the Promise Pegasus R4 is the best external enclosure I've ever used and has ruined me for all other devices of its ilk.
CNET Review of the Pegasus J4
Source: CNET
The Promise Technology Pegasus J4 can house four 2.5-inch internal drives and offers fast performance. It's compact and easy to use.
Promise Pegasus J2: superfast external mini-storage
Source: Hardware.Info
If you own a Thunderbolt-compatible computer and need fast external storage, then this Promise product is a great solution.
PROMISE Pegasus J2 Review: The Smallest High Performance Thunderbolt Drive
Source: AnandTech
I really like the uniqueness of the Pegasus J2. Two 6Gbps mSATA drives in a well-built bus powered enclosure that gains additional performance when plugged into the wall is a great way to deliver the best of both worlds. Sequential IO performance, particularly on the read side is amazing. You can get the performance of a 6-drive Pegasus R6 in a fraction of the volume. The chassis is well built and the design is functional.
Promise SmartStor DS4600 DAS review
Source: Guru3D
In the infinite evolving computer era, a trend during the past year or two is that our demand for storage has risen very much. I mean, 1TB HDDs are selling like candy, storage devices got much larger in volume over the past year or so, 2 TB HDDs have been introduced onto the market and it surely will not stop there...
Promise SmartStor NS4600 NAS review
Source: Guru3D
Over the years we have addressed the topic of external storage solutions in many ways and forms. We keep a sharp eye on developments here. The market is changing, a couple of years ago the consumer and SoHo environment pretty much all used simple external storage devices like USB HDD encasements or more recently external eSATA solutions. In the middle of the mainstream and high-end sector there's a market for DAS units and at the other side of the scope we of course NAS units....
More Thunderbolt speed results
Source: Macworld
Thunderbolt is quite fast, as our lab has experienced first hand. In our ongoing look at Thunderbolt performance, we tested two more configurations, as requested by Macworld readers. The first involves the new Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt array configured as a RAID 0; the second is with Target Disk Mode using Thunderbolt...
Thunderbolt RAID dramatically faster than FireWire 800
Source: Macworld
The wait for Thunderbolt-ready peripherals is over. Four months after the debut of Thunderbolt in Apple’s revamped MacBook Pro lineup, storage devices that support Intel’s new interconnect technology have finally arrived. And while these initial products carry a notable price tag, Macworld Lab’s first tests show Thunderbolt offering a great leap forward in terms of performance...
TMUP 241: Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt Hard Drive Review – Zoom Zoom Zoom
Source: Typical Mac User
Today I review the only Thunderbolt hard drive available today. This is an in-depth review of the Promise Pegasus R6 Raid hard drive. Enjoy...
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