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Pegasus R6 review on Digital Life
Source: Digital Life
The first Thunderbolt storgae solution available here are the Promise Pegasus R4, with four hard drive bays, and the R6 with six 1TB hard drive bays.
Check out CNET’s Review of the Pegasus R6
Source: CNET
The Thunderbolt-enabled Promise Pegasus R6 offers superb throughput speed and a large amount of storage, and supports multiple RAID configurations. You can also daisy-chain the drive with up to five other Thunderbolt devices without decreasing the throughput.
PCPro Promise SmartStor NS6700 review
Source: PCPro
With this muddle sorted, the NS6700 promptly delivered performance far in excess of its SmartStor predecessors. Copies of a 2.52GB video clip to and from a dual-Xeon X5560 Broadberry rack server running Windows Server 2008 R2 saw read and write speeds of 86MB/sec and 78MB/sec.
PCPro Enterprise Review - PROMISE VessRAID 1840
Source: PCPro
A high-capacity unified network solution that's fast for IP and FC SAN operations, and very good value.
PROMISE first RAID vendor to add Thunderbolt in new Pegasus product line
Source: eChannel Online
When Intel launched its new Thunderbolt high speed I/O last week, Apple and its new MacBook Pros got much of the notice as an OEM featuring the cool new technology. But PROMISE Technology also had its own interesting offering featuring Thunderbolt -- Pegasus --an all new high performance hardware RAID solution.
Peripheral makers get ready for Thunderbolt
Source: MacWorld
Intel and Apple had barely broken the news of Thunderbolt’s arrival Thursday when RAID storage supplier Promise Technology announced its own plans for the connectivity standard. The company praised Thunderbolt’s speed and “amazing flexibility for connectivity to high-performance peripherals” when announcing its own Thunderbolt-compatible high performance hardware RAID offering, Pegasus. Set for release in the second quarter of 2011 and designed for media and entertainment customers, Pegasus will feature two Thunderbolt ports and will be available in 4-bay and 6-bay aluminum enclosures with up to 12TB of storage.
Pegasus video review by CNet
Source: CNet
Video review from CNet
PROMISE Technology VTrak Product Manager Audio Interview
Source: PROMISE Technology
PROMISE Technology VTrak Product Manager, Randy Chan, talks about PROMISE and its support of the innovative Intel Xeon C5500/C3500 processor (code named Jasper Forest)

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Promise SmartStor DS4600 review
Source: PC PRO
If you need a set-and-forget RAID device, this will certainly do the job with a minimum of fuss. For small businesses or home offices that generate high volumes of mission critical data, it’s a sensible investment in peace of mind.
Hardware Review: Promise SmartStor NS4600 – Part III
Source: The Storage Architect
Creating shares and using onboard security is straightforward. The screenshots in the gallery at the end of the post highlight how this is achieved. File shares can be created under the root of a volume and assigned permissions based on internally connected users, or on imported users from external sources like AD.
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